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I know I haven’t been on for a while, and I apologize for that. Me and my best friend Jasmine (some of you might know her as are starting a blog together. It’s a place for us to express ourselves and let loose in the hopes that our problems and advice will help you through your own issues. Please follow us and share this post. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys <3


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What should be clear to all is that the end point of the trajectory of consciousness lies beyond what is currently called knowledge, beyond language, beyond the mirage of duality, beyond the world of Maya to the realization that this entire cosmos is only the dreamlike manifestation of the One Supreme Being. If we start with that recognition, even if it is only conceptual to begin with, we will be able to open our hearts to the higher reality of love.


From: Shunyamurti Quotations

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(via lipgravymedia)

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